A Bird of Paradise

It’s still February and the rain is pouring outside my window. But this does not mean that I can’t think about sunny climbs and the promise of warm weather around the corner (or a couple of corners). I have written before about my problems with fragrance, I can’t wear it on my skin as I will develop a rash within minutes. Instead I spray it onto my hair (spray a little cloud above your head and letting it settle) and onto my clothes (spray a little cloud in front and then walk into it).

I’ve become a huge fan of Marks and Spencer cosmetics recently. They have been given the cruelty free (leaping bunny) stamp of approval and most of their products are free of animal derivatives too. I’ve always found the cost of designer perfume utterly ridiculous, we pay for the jazzy bottle and the name rather than the smell and that seems bonkers. So to find a fragrance which not only smells lovely but has a magic bottle for the princely sum of £15 for 100ml makes me very happy! Behold:


It is an eau de toilette so it is not as powerful as a purfme but I’ve never minded this. A little refresh during the day is not a problem when M&S do a little handbag sized 25ml version of all their fragrances. It has a very light, fruity smell, of peaches and tropical flowers. It is a scent to raise a smile, as is the bottle. I love the lid, it looks like the tail feathers of a very proud little bird. There is nothing wrong with a little bit of kitsch and maybe a wink to Marc Jacobs.