My list of Yes/ No gettups from last night’s Oscars….

I’ll keep it simple:

YES! Emma Stone


What a fab colour, is it green? gold? infected wound?? And its completely demure and classy (we forgive her the Jolie leg moment).

NO! Felicity Jones

87th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

I just don’t think that the halter-polo neck thing works on a pig poofy dress. Nor is it very flattering. The top looks like she may have pigment removing skin boils. She’s gorgeous and this is such a shame.

YES! Anna Kendrick


This is such a beautiful shade of coral and it fits perfectly. This is also how to make a halter-pilo neck both work and be flattering.

NO! Scarlett Johansson


Its a great shade of green and from the ribcage down in rocks. But I’m not enjoying the throat chandelier, it looks like the ornate sequined neck of a gold medal winning figure skater. And is is taking away from a beautiful simple dress. Plus – wonky earrings.

YES! Eddie The Oscar Redmayne

87th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

Navy and black. Thats all I need to say. LOVE. Her dress rocks too, even with the random feather pannier.

NO! Jennifer Lopez


Oh God – Boobs. Zzzzzzz. Why? Imagine how elegant this would have been with pretty much ANY other neckline. Her make up is also questionable. The crying-eyes look?

YES! Reece Witherspoon


Its not exciting but she looks great.

NO! Lupita Nyong’o


I will try and refrain from making the obvious pearl neckline related comment and just say there IS such a thing as too many pearls…

YES! Jared Leto


Oh come on! He’s wearing a LILAC suit. What is not to love? And plastic shoes which as a vegan I appreciate very much and give him great kudos for.

NO! Cloe Moretz


This is not only incredibly unflattering but the fabric looks like my great aunt’s old (and very stained) curtains. She’s 18! Wear something fun for goodness sake.

YES! Meryl Streep


Too cool.

NO! Gwyneth Paltrow


There’s nothing particularily awful about this it just made me roll my eyes when I saw it. Gwyneth, pale pink, Oscars, blah blah. I’d have prefered it without the oversized arm rose. It has come from a little bit edgy to a whole lot twee..

YES! Cate Godess Blanchett


Its not exciting but it is refreshing to see someone sidestepping the inevitable competitive dress situation. Its simple, flattering and the necklace stops it from being too serious. She’s been there, won her Oscar, worn crazier dresses than everyone else to has now else to prove.

NO! Keira Knightley


I LOVE Keira. I have almost constant wardrobe envy so this make me sad. It is whimsical and sweet but I’m not sure that works when you are with child. Unless she is going to go full on HBC (Helena Bonham Carter) in future, in which case she has my full support.