You’re vegan but you’ve reviewed products by companies that test on animals?

I only became vegan in the summer of 2014 so up until that point I was on a journey towards living a cruelty free life. This means that prior to this I was ignorant to many practices used in the cosmetics industry and therefore sadly unaware of the plight animals used for vivisection and testing. From 2014 onwards, nothing reviewed on this site will have been tested on animals.

You’re vegan but you use steroid creams. That doesn’t sound very vegan to me!

I do my best. It is almost impossible to avoid everything and when I have a chronic fair up I have very little choice in the treatments I can use. Many corticosteroids are now synthetic  and I hope in future they will all be. All I can do is to avoid getting to that place by only using gentle, ethical and hopefully natural products that do not irritate my skin. As a reviewer of products, I am always putting myself in a position where reactions can occur and these have to be dealt with. However, long-term my aim is to manage my eczema and psoriasis without the use of steroids.

Do you feel bad reviewing shows that contained fur?

I think the use of fur is a real problem in the fashion industry and hope that the production of really beautiful faux furs (see Shrimps, Stella McCartney and Topshop) will eventually see an end to this barbaric practice. I would never review an outfit that contains any real fur. I personally do not wear wool, silk or leather either. However, to stop reviewing designs that contain these materials as well would leave me very little to look at. I look forward to a day where high fashion becomes cruelty free and follows the high street which is already taking great strides in this matter.

What other blogs do you read?

For fashion I love gofugyourself.com, it make me laugh on a daily basis. For make-up I love Lisa Eldridge for her brilliant tutorials http://www.lisaeldridge.com.