I want Michelle William’s new hair cut!

Michelle Williams new hair is utterly fab. She has said it is ‘grow out hair’ but in my experience grow out hair looks deeply tragic and not effortlessly chic like this. It does help that she is blessed with elfin features and nice thick wavy hair but I still salute any woman with the confidence to have cropped hair. If only I was that brave…

Looks like a short bob from this side...

Looks like a short bob from this side…

But from the side it looks much shorter (though that could be some clever brushing!)

But from the side it looks much shorter (though that could be some clever brushing!)


February Favorites No 2 – JASON Natural Fragrance Free Daily Shampoo


I have had to wear rubber gloves in the shower to wash my hair for as long as I can remember. My hands and face are the two places on my body that need little encouragement to become itchy, red and very unhappy.

For years it was almost impossible to buy any shampoo that was fragrance free (obviously most people want to wash their hair with something that smells lovely) but not great for those of us with allergy issues. I remember having to use some really unpleasant products prescribed by my doctor which left your hair feeling greasier than it had to begin with.

So, the washing up gloves were my answer, making sure as my hands didn’t touch the stuff and it was rinsed of quickly, though when my skin was having a flare up this would just make things worse. But ‘hurray!’ Some brands are now realizing that there is a whole market out there of people who need things to be really simple, because their skin is sensitive to basic irritants, and fragrance is one of them. Jason’s shampoo is lovely, quite runny, but lathers well, despite there being no Sodium Laurel Sulphate in it (another thing I try to avoid) and it cleans the hair well with no residue. I can also leave the washing up gloves in the kitchen!