Constance Eyre 

As a life-long eczema sufferer I have been trying to find products that will work for my skin for my entire adult life. My brief career as a model in the late 1990s was marred by my constant allergies to the things used on my skin, which eventually became unmanageable. My eczema is at its worse on my hands and face but can flare up anywhere when the mood takes it!

I love fashion and make-up and am constantly looking out for new concoctions (or old ones) which I can use and review from the point of view of someone who is prone to allergic reactions and has very sensitive skin. I know that I am allergic to certain things, namely: fragrance (both natural and man-made), lanolin and carmine. I cannot use shampoos with sodium laurel sulphate without wearing rubber gloves and I avoid it in toothpaste as it affects my lips.

I designed knitwear for 10 years for my own label but ironically ended up allergic to wool too. This meant I did not wear wool, long before I became vegan and stopped buying it for ethical reasons.

However, from my experience there are always things out there that will work for your skin, you just have to understand what ingredients don’t work for you and go from there. I became vegan in 2014 so everything I review from them on will be cruelty tree and vegan where possible.

I’m also a huge fashion fan and compulsive clothes maker so will share various fashion musing too.


You can see a gallery of my knitwear pieces at http://constanceeyre.wix.com/knitwear