As this is our first official post on the ‘most becoming’ blog we should welcome our readers with a quick ‘hello!’

Our aim is to write honest reviews of products that we genuinesly love and use, coming from two different perspectives, that of the professional make-up artist (Victoria) and from someone with super sensitive skin (Constance).

Victoria has worked as a make-up artist for over 15 years using a multitude of products from high-end brands through to your normal drugstore names. She is not affiliated to any product so will always remain completely impartial, recommending only things she has found to work well and give the right look.

Constance has suffered from eczema since infancy and has learned an awful lot about what can irritate skin and cause problems. She is not a professional but has spent years researching ingredients and has a good, practical understanding of what you can do to avoid irritating your skin, if like her, this is a problem. She is not swayed by whether something is ‘natural’ or chemical lead – if it works, she’s happy either way. She knows there are certain things she has to avoid as they cause immediate problems, namely: lanolin, carmine and fragrance so the products she reviews will never contain these ingredients.

If you have any questions for us, please contact us at mostbecomingladies@gmail.com

C&V x