London Fashion Week Rundown – Boho Craziness

There were two main themes running through London Fashions Week, firstly our old friend Boho, a look that has been missing for all of about 5 seconds. Its not that not I’m a fan, I am, but too much can get a bit, well, Edina Monsoon (Lacroix sweetie!) Secondly, many of the catwalks were so darn dark and moody you couldn’t see the clothes. However, here is my snapshot of what went down:

Boho Burberry. I can’t help but love this, my 16 year old self is having a meltdown…


Great colours, in a 1970s wallpaper themed fabric:


Um, no.


Erdem had some similar shapes (but shiny shiny versions).


But then this happened, heaven:


This coat is just incredible. How the heck did they blend thes completely opposing fabrics together? Or is the shiny shiny part painted on? Whatever –  a massive YES PLEASE!


And I’ll end with this little pretty, worn by Laexa Chung the following day at the Elle Style Awards:


I love Giles, but the catwalk was so flipping dark it was hard to see any of the details and many of the looks were primarily black. However, a fab magic mushroom print appeared:


Happy days – as did this witchy number. I love a cape though I may pass on the ruffles:


Christopher Kane was feeling romantic. Delicate blue vein print? Or winter branches?


Navy, black and red velvet. Oh yes.


Then this range of dresses began to appear. There is some lovin’ special time going one here:


And goodness, LOTS of lovin’ special time going on here:


Roksanda was my favorite show my a country mile. Fabulous colours, fabrics, shapes. But there was also lots of (UNNECESSARY) fur which made me very sad. I will continue to hope that it was faux but I will not be showing any look in which it featured.


The make up is beautiful too. I love dark berry lips. Works so well with the mustarrd and other pops of colour. Not to mention those shoes!


Peter Pilotto was a as colourful as you would imagine and fell on the Boho side of the proceedings.


It’s great fun, and the colours were mouthwatering. This makes me very happy in an AW collection because they can so often fall on the dour side of the colour wheel.


I love this dress:


Mulberry was pretty dull but I loved this coat:


Temperley equally underwhelming (on the whole) despite rolling out a few retired models like Sophie Dahl. However I thought I’d post this look beause it was the high point of the show and shows how skilled she is at putting together patterns.


Jonathan Sunders rolled out a load of clashy 70s looks with A line skirts and polo necks. It wasn’t my bag. The shapes were fine but the patterns and colours gave me brain freeze.


Matthew Williamson was as expected really, Bohotastic but overkill, and lots of dead sheep. However this was rather lovely:


And who doesn’t like a crab on a print?


Mary Katrantzou was really interesting. The colours, fabrics, textures and shapes were exciting. And the shoes were perfect:


Possibly the most beautifully and futuristically adorned rain coat in history..


And finally, the great Dame of London – Vivienne Westwood (Red Label). Look at this incredibly chic coat, not to mention what looks like a gorgeous, soft gersey dress underneath it:


Trouser suit!


This dress may be my favorite of the whole week, for its pure drapey, delicacy and comfort factor:


But so as not to lull anyone into a false sense of security, there will always be batshit crazy, tartan and super boob lift in there somewhere:


(all images from


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