Victoria Beckham AW 2015 a lesson in effortless style

I have an embarrasing confession to make. Back in the far gone days of my  career as a knitwear design I was asked by a stylist if a certain Victoria Beckham could borrow and wear one of my dresses to an event. I said no. To clarify, at this point in time she still dressed like this:


Less than ten years later, the same woman is designing my favorite collections by a country mile. She seems to share my obsession with navy and black (together), and makes clothes that are a perfect mix of slouch and fit, in fabrics you would like to touch. And very importantly for me – no fur in sight:


Her clothes could be worn at work, or to a glam party. they are cut in such a way that you wouldn’t endlessly be worrying about vpl, sweat marks or sitting down. They are wearable.


Anyone who uses suck a vibrant pop of colour in an A/W collection gets a prize in my book, and even more so if it is yellow. I love the kilt-like slouchy hip fastening and the fact these are BIG comfy trousers:


I WISH I had designed this sweater. It is utterly perfect. I want one in every colour there is.


And coats – how great are these sleeves which form part of the coat’s neck? Very great. It even looks like there are some secret under-arm vents (the designer in me wonders if this started life as a way of getting around a complcated arm seam) but hey, its different and why not:


In a nutshell, I am an idiot. I should have give her the dress, given her 20 dresses. Maybe my fashion fortunes would have changed along with hers. Keep doing in Victoria. You have a massive fan in me.

(photos from and


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