I love Jenny Packham

So, we are already half way though New York Fashion Week and as ever it has been a mix of frights and joys. More on the frights later!

For now I would like to bask in the utter glory, glamour and gorgeousness of Jenny Packham. Originally a bridal designer, she later launched ready-to-wear, resort, accessories and lingerie collections. She has recently enjoyed a surge in popularity due to a certain Kate Middleton favouring her designs for black-tie evening wear. And thank goodness for that!

Firstly, I woud like a big, royal blue, sequin coat to wear all next winter:


Then I would like to be invited to an event where a beautiful dress covered in what looks like cascading frozen leaves would be appropriate. A dress for Keira Knightly at this weekend’s Oscars (if she were not with child) perhaps:


And colours! Why aren’t more evening dresses created in this shade of yellow? Remember Michelle Williams’s dress at the 2006 Oscars?


Not to mention that olive green is massively underrated. What beautiful use of sequins again, made to look like glossy tree bark, or mirrored pheasant feathers (ok, I know they are two very different things but still..) I could see Kristen Stewart looking incredible in this:


or in black!


And finally the unique ‘Bonfire’ dress:


Jenny Packham I salute you.

(photos from vogue.com)


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