March Favorites: Inika Eyeshadows – Burnt Sienna and Copper Crush

I love Inika mineral make-up. They are a vegan brand so I can wear all of their blush colours and bronzers as they contain no carmine (which I am highly allergic to and is derived from cochineal beetles). I also have to check all eye shadow colours, especially the bronze/ gold shades as they often contain carmine too.

These two colours work so well together I thought I’d put them in the same post:


Inika’s mineral foundations, concealers, blushes and eye shadows all start with a base of Mica, Titanium Dioxide and Iron oxides. It is really unusual to be allergic to these ingredients so they are a really good choice for people like me who react to combinations of oils and pigments found in most make-up brands. Titanium Oxide (and Zinc Oxide) are some of the best ingredients found in sunscreens so this type of make up also works to protect your skin from sun damage.


The top one here is Burnt Sienna and the bottom in Copper Crush. If you use them with a damp, fine brush they can be painted on as a beautiful metallic eyeliner. I’ve done a very simple look in the picture below,m using copper crush as a base and burnt sienna as an eyeliner and in the eye-socket.



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