Louis Vuitton AW 2013 – I’m done

After I finish this post I am going to spend some finding a bunch of looks from the AW collections that I really love to cheer myself up because right now I feel like diving into a bottle of gin.

Marc Jacobs is an incredibly talented man. I can’t think of how many shows he has produced over the past decade or so for himself or LV that I have genuinely loved. But this week’s Louis Vuitton show was a collection of clothes you could buy from a bunch of not very exciting, high street chains (which I won’t name and shame) but that I avoid because they are boring and over priced. And their clothes are always in sludgy shades of everything.






This is underwear


And even Kate Moss looks unhappy about that horrible thing on her head. This week has been bad wigtastic. I think the clothes were so dull in this show, all I looked at were the wigs. There is no excuse for that at Louis Vuitton, such a shame…


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