Jean Paul Gaultier AW 2013 – its getting worrying…

I have to say, at this point I’m really worrying about what on earth has been happening over in Paris for the last 6 months. I’ve been so disappointed with so many of the collections, and not just the clothes, the ‘looks’ have been nigh on ridiculous and not in a pleasing way.

Take Jean Paul Gaultier. He of the famous conical bra and macho sailor chic. Well, chic is not a word I would use for this:


Its got a leather top, with vaguely conical boob stitching and lets call it an ‘edgy’ bit of sleeve detailing, in that it looks like it is falling off aided by a small bit of chiffon. There is a floaty skirt. They don’t work together and what one earth……….


…has he put on Cara Delavigne’s head?? Or any of their heads? And what, for that matter, is that jacket made of? It looks like he has actually patched together bits of  real dyed fur to create his name (in an abstract way – natch) in the WORST COLOURS EVER!! That is gross on far too many levels…


Luxe leather and fur off the shoulder sweatshirt?? And a ‘quick release over-sized belt skirt’.


And finally – the batwing dress from hell, and I love a batwing…

(All pictures from


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