KNITWEAR! Finally – Christian Dior AW 2013 (although I have concerns..)

As a knitwear designer I have been a wee bit disappointed by the lack of exciting, beautiful knits in the collections shown for AW 2013. I feel there may be a bit of a lull in that area which is really sad because everyone loves knitwear (even me and I’m allergic to wool) and we all need it to get through the nasty chilly months.

So I was very excited to see some eye-catching monochrome knits on the runway at Christian Dior. Then I think I furrowed my brow and wondered why they had added random appendages to take away from their otherwise total fabulousness…

So, to picture 1, everyone loves a knitted boob tube (that might not be true) and the skirt is really great, I’ve never seen the colour worked into the cables that way. But, why the crazy ruffle waist?? Nobody will actually wear that bit.


2: Cricket chic, cables from top to toe (I would suggest nobody ever do the top and bottom together but apart they would be very wearable.)


3: I love this, but not the flap. It is a flap appendage that has no purpose..


4: I’m not sure crochet over dog tooth is going to catch on but I’m still glad it make an appearance (crochet that is.)


(all pictures from


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