February Favorites No 4 – AVEENO Daily Moisure Lotion


I can thank my wonderful husband for introducing me to the soothing power of oats! We went to Thailand on our honeymoon, during their rainy season (and that is a lot of rain) and my skin fell to pieces. I was a walking rash, which meant I had to wear cotton from head to toe and stay cool all the time. Not great. I did however learn that a tropical climate wasn’t for me!

When we returned my skin didn’t get any better, mostly due to the hideous wet weather in the UK all summer so I was being driven insane by a full body rash that was keeping me awake at night and miserable all day. Then one day my husband announced he was going to make me a ‘porridge bath’ because he had read it could help. I was very skeptical but was prepared to try anything at this point. It was a revelation! He had put a few spoonfuls of porridge oats in an old sock, tied the end and then left it in a warm bath. By the time I got into it the water had gone milky and there was a really pleasant smell of porridge. The effect was soothing and my skin stopped screaming. Since then I have used oats in the bath every time I have a flare up. It doesn’t cure it but it is very calming.

So, onto Aveeno! This daily moisturizing lotion has no fragrance and contains oats which as you may have guessed – have anti-irritant properties to sooth the skin. I try and remember to use it every day after I shower as it makes a huge difference to my skin’s general hydration and that in itself can help keep the eczema away.

I have to add that I haven’t used it during a flare up so this review is base don my present, calm, winter skin.


2 thoughts on “February Favorites No 4 – AVEENO Daily Moisure Lotion

  1. myitchybubble says:

    Porridge baths are awesome :-). I can’t use aveeno, it gives me a rash which i must admit is a really nice bright pink lol x

    • croeyre says:

      Thank you for you comment! I can’t use all of their range, especially as many of them contain fragrance. But luckily this one seems to work for me which is great. My body tends to be more forgiving than my face and I haven’t used it there yet!

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