February Favorites No 1 – Paula’s Choice Skin Recovery Moisurizer

As this is the very end of the month (February – the most depressing month of the year IMHO) I though I’d post my 5 favorite products, the ones I couldn’t have lives without over the past 4 weeks. It has been ferociously cold at times this month and my skin has not been loving it. However, cold dry weather tends to be good for my eczema (though definitely not for the rest of me) so I’ve had a pretty easy month.

My first product is: PAULA’S CHOICE, Skin Recovery Replenishing Moisturizer.


I am a huge fan of Paula’s Choice products. I will have to write a separate post about the brand in general and why it is so great, but for now I will say that this moisturizer is just perfect for my generally dehydrated and easily upset skin. It is not too thick but has a really silky consistency that is absorbed without stickiness. It is full of antioxidants and is very soothing for sensitive skin and rosacea. I haven’t been without this moisturizer for the past 4 years now and I really love it. The only down side is that it doesn’t have an SPF so is something I put on my skin at night or under a SPF of 15 or higher in the day.



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